Chlorella Capsules - Sanct Bernhard 180 capsules

Chlorella Capsules - Sanct Bernhard 180 capsules

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Exclusively imported from Germany, manufactured by Krauterhaus Sanct Bernhard to the highest possible standards.

Chlorella is a single-celled green algae, and its name literally means "green" (chloros) and "small" (ella) in Latin. It grows in fresh water, and it's most naturally abundant in Asia. Experts say chlorella has been around for at least 2 billion years. But remarkably, due to its microscopic size, its brilliance as a food seems to have gone undiscovered until the end of the 19th century. Chlorella is well known for its ability to help cleanse and detoxify the body. It has been found to attach itself to heavy metals, and pollutants in the body, escorting them free from our system.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a unicellular green microalga. Its high chlorophyll content - the plants' sun accumulator, to which the plant owns it's name, makes this freshwater alga (originates from Asia) so unique.

Among other nutrients, chlorella has a natural content of vitamin B12, which makes it an excellent supplement for people with insufficient or unbalanced diet. Vitamin B12 has an effect on a number of basic metabolic processes in the body. Among others it helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion and contributes to the healthy functioning of the nervous system and the psyche.

Discover the ultimate super green that could help slow and reverse many signs of ageing 

  • Healthier bones, muscles and nervous system  
  • Remove toxins and unwanted fat  
  • Stronger vision, sharper brain and younger looking skin  

In real life, it’s hard to constantly source, stock and cook healthy whole food, or munch on raw fruit and vegetables all day.

 And even when we DO eat plenty of whole foods, fruit and veg we STILL don’t get the right level of vitamins and minerals.

 Because modern farming techniques are stripping the nutrients from our food. Each generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant vegetable is less nutritious than the previous one.  

  • A US Department of Agriculture study found that between 1950 and 1999, 43 fruit and veg saw big falls in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2 and vitamin C
  • A Kushi Institute analysis, 1975-1997, found that average calcium levels in fresh vegetables dropped 27%, iron 37%; vitamin A 21%, and vitamin C 30%
  • A British study 1930 to 1980,found that in 20 vegetables the calcium declined 19%, iron 22%, and potassium 14%.

    Chlorophyll is a natural green pigment which plants use to convert light into energy. It’s what makes them strong and healthy. 

And it is extraordinarily good for humans, too. 

The best source of Chlorophyll is Chlorella, a single-celled, freshwater algae grown in warm areas of the world.

Chlorella has a higher chlorophyll content than any other plant. It contains 45% protein, as well as B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, and E and also minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.

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