Sanct Bernhard Coconut Oil Capsules 500mg

Sanct Bernhard Coconut Oil Capsules 500mg

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Far from being a very new health fad the use of coconut oil goes back thousands of years in areas where the trees grew. It has been used to cook with, as an ingredient in food and as a natural medication which was traditionally taken to help restore energy balance, improve digestion and treat skin complaints.

Recently there has been a lot of interest in using this natural product within Western diets and significant research has shown that the health beneifts are significant, including;

  • Controlling the Candida fungus which many believe lies at the heart of conditions like Fibromyalgia, chronic bowel irritation (IBS) and bladder infections
  • Boosting metabolic performance both through direct improvements in digestive function but also by enhancing the effect from the thyroid gland
  • A powerful natural anti-biotic and anti-viral which helps control coughs and colds, stomach infections and skin infections
  • Much of the research has shown that this oil alone can help control the effects of diabetes including the debilitating nerve and muscle damage that can occur
  • Two really interesting studies have shown major benefits for sufferers of Alzheimers

Of course, all of this is great if you like the taste of coconut or have the room to store huge jars of the stuff at home...

...that's why these capsules are so good.

240 capsules

Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of virgin coconut oil which simplify the process of taking the supplement and mean that you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

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