D-Mannose 1000mg (50 Capsules)

D-Mannose 1000mg (50 Capsules)

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A safe & natural way to ease the pain and inconvenience of cystitis and thrush

If you’ve suffered an infection before you’ll know how painful the symptoms can be. A doctor will usually prescribe drugs which come with side-effects. But now this amazing glyconutrient sugar supplement offers you a quick, natural way to flush away the problem.

D-Mannose is a pure, natural form of glucose, similar to a type produced by our bodies. It eliminates E-Coli, the cause of up to 90% of all bladder infections, and helps you keep a healthy urinary tract.

This safe sugar supplement has no known side effects or drug interactions and can be used by adults, children - and even family pets – as a food supplement

Try it today and see how quickly it acts on painful bladder conditions.

50 capsules

What is D-mannose?
D-mannose is a simple sugar form that occurs naturally in wood, fruits and the human body. When absorbed  it is not transformed into glycogen or stored inside the liver. Instead it travels directly to the blood stream from the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract. Here it is filtered by the kidneys and transported to the bladder region.

How does it work?
The lining on the inside of your bladder has finger-like protrusions. These are a prime target for E-Coli bacteria, the cause of 90% of bladder infections and cystitis. The bacteria adhere themselves to your bladder wall and quickly multiply in the warm, nutrient rich contents.causing urine infections.

The E-Coli are far more attracted to D-mannose than they are to your bladder wall. When D-Mannose reaches your bladder, it helps detach E-Coli bacteria. It is then flushed from your body when you urinate. 

Why is D-mannose a good alternative than regular drugs?
Unlike regular drugs, D-mannose doesn't kill any bacteria, Instead it flushes the e.coli bug out of the body in urine. On the other hand, regular drugs destroy not only the harmful bacteria but also the good bacteria that line the gastrointestinal tract. This can cause other health problems and lead to more complications in the future.

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