Dr Heff's (4 pack) - the sugar free mint that repairs your teeth

Dr Heff's (4 pack) - the sugar free mint that repairs your teeth

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  • Developed by dentists – the amazing mints that clean and protect your teeth
  • Completely sugar free – scientifically tested to help repair teeth damaged by tooth decay
  • Endorsed by Toothfreindly International (registered trademark logo)

90% of people surveyed said Dr Heff’s mints tasted ‘as good or better’ than their previous favourite mint.

Pack of 4 cartons - 24 mints per carton

Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints have been invented by dentists to help everyone keep their teeth clean and healthy throughout the day. 

  • As well as tasting great, Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints both reduce plaque and help to repair the damage done by tooth decay.
  • Are completely sugar-free
  • Help you clean and protect your teeth 24/7
  • Combat bad breath
  • Were recently featured on BBC Radio
  • Are endorsed by Toothfriendly International

    Tooth decay is caused by the acid-producing bacteria found in plaque, which is a sticky biofilm that infests the surface of your teeth. The acid produced by this harmful bacteria strips away at the building blocks of your tooth: calcium and phosphate. This process is called  demineralisation.

    The bacteria in plaque also produce enzymes called collagenases that eat away the collagen scaffold of the dentine that makes up the deeper layers of your tooth. The enzymes eat away at the root of your tooth if your gum has receded. In this way, these harmful enzymes cause structural damage to your tooth that cannot be repaired (except by a dentist’s filling, which of course is never as good as your original tooth).

    In the early stages of tooth decay, in which the collagen scaffold has not been damaged, the calcium and phosphate ‘building blocks’ can be restored to the tooth, repairing the damage. This process is called  remineralisation. Remineralisation means that, in its early stages, the process of tooth decay is reversible. Dr Heff’s mints help remineralisation by reducing acidity levels in the mouth, they provide the calcium phosphate that repairs your teeth during remineralisation and the green tea extract strengthens the collagen structure around which remineralisation take place.

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