18 Link and 20 Link Magnetic Health Bracelet,1 of each

18 Link and 20 Link Magnetic Health Bracelet,1 of each


The 18-link Magnetic Health Bracelet discretely hides 6 x 800 gauss powerful healing

magnets, which work to positively stimulate your body and free you from aches and pains.

Magnetic Therapy use to heal and treat:

Joint Pains
Removing Latic Acid from overwork muscles
Removing toxins from joints
Relieving pain Speeding up healing

Unisex Design: A classic design that will look fantastic on any wrist, ladies or men.  The fully expandable wrist band makes it easy to slip on and off. Available in 2 sizes for guaranteed comfort and fit. 

18 link size is approx 20cm in circumference. 20 link size is approx 22cm in circumference.  Height 13mm approx.

Remember we offer a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.  We are so confident in our magnetic therapy devices that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of our products, no questions asked.

Instant Health Benefits: The magnets work to increase blood flow, which in turn increases

oxygen-carrying capacity. You will feel its benefits immediately, as you start to feel more

alert, energetic, feel unexplained tiredness lift and stress subsides.

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