The Lemon Book

The Lemon Book


Discover 76 amazing natural 'cure alls' for everyday problems

Ray Collins hugely popular handbook contains almost every thinkable way you can use lemon to clean your home, relieve common health problems and tackle allergies, including:

• Why drinking a lemon 'through your nose' could help relieve asthma symptoms

• Get rid of cellulite! Try this simple two-minute trick every day

• Trouble sleeping? Why the secret of a good night's rest is through your feet

• How to treat piles, rashes, scaly skin and prickly heat instantly - and without paying for expensive creams or medicines!

You’ll be blown away by the ways something as simple as a lemon could help you clean your home without toxins... repel insects... beautify your skin... relieve stress and dozens of niggling health problems... and even treat the symptoms of ageing. No wonder Ray’s book had received rave reviews….

"As a result of buying the Lemon Book I am now a 'Lemon' convert! I found it easy to read, understand & very practical.”

"My sister gave me your Lemon book for my birthday the other day. I'm very glad she did as it has helped to give me the kick start I need to make some changes."
Linda Ireland

“There are lots of good and useful tips written and presented in a pleasant, citrusy and zestful way. Very good little book, I only wish I'd thought of writing it!”
John McLelland

Discover the astonishing benefits a humble lemon can bring into your life – order The Lemon Book today!

In The Lemon Book: Mother Nature’s “Cure All” for Everyday Problems, author Ray Collins reveals how good health, long life, and a clean home doesn’t have to cost you hassle or money.

Lemons can replace many toxic-laden cleaning products, overpriced lotions. and save you hundreds of pounds on health supplements.

Discover gems like:

  • How drinking this special lemon mixture 'through your nose' can beat asthma! 25
  • Could a lemon cake mix keep you 41
  • Why on earth would you microwave a towel with lemons wrapped in it?
  • Discover the answer on page 44 (this could be the most powerful stress relief remedy EVER!)
  • Get rid of cellulite for good... just do this every day with a lemon!... page 26
  • The sneaky lemon juice trick that boosts your baby’s immune system... page 26
  • Got an interview or important meeting...? Then you MUST do this with a lemon the night before (it involves fire, so be careful!).... page 27
  • Get rid of dandruff for good by using lemon juice and shampoo STRICTLY in this order... page 14
  • Constipation? Do this half an hour before you have breakfast... page 27
  • Over 60? The surprising reason why you should rub lemon juice on the back of your hands... page 41
  • If your kids suffer from nightmares, cut a lemon in half and use this simple trick on their feet!... page 32
  • Blitz those spots with lemon juice and these two extra ingredients.... page 46
  • Got sunburn? This lemon solution will soothe the pain, but you MUST mix the ingredients in these quantities... page 34
  • Revealed at last! Cleopatra’s anti-wrinkle remedy... page 42
  • LADIES! Why putting a lemon in your fridge will give you the most powerful skin cleanser for pennies!... page 46
  • The amazing breakthrough of the ‘drunken’ anti-wrinkle skin pack! Just mix lemon juice with this common tipple, and dab on your face. You won’t believe the results... page 42
  • The best end-of-day soak you’ll ever try! Just mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with these three household ingredients and feel every ache and pain simply drift 47

These are just some of the 76 solutions and remedies in The Lemon Book.

Order it today and try them yourself.

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