Pain Ease Neck Wrap

Pain Ease Neck Wrap


Pulse away your neck pain, 24 hours-a-day
At last, here’s a natural, drug-free pain remedy which you can wear all day, giving you constant relief from neck pain...

The Pain Ease Neck Wrap uses breakthrough Micro Current Therapy (MCT) technology to help your body heal pain at the source.

At the flick of a switch, gentle electrical currents penetrate deep into the tissue. Rather than simply block pain signals, the wrap helps repair damaged areas of tissue where the body’s natural currents are too weak to ease inflammation. The effects take hold almost immediately, stopping pain at the source.

It really works too. According to The Daily Mail, "Micro-current therapy has been used to help many famous sports stars recover from injury, including Olympic champion hurdler Colin Jackson, tennis star Tim Henman and former England striker-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker."

Try The Pain Ease Neck Wrap for the next 30 days, risk-free, and experience the benefits of micro-current therapy for yourself. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return it and we’ll offer you a full refund, guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a drug-free solution to a sore back, then here’s why other products you’ve tried might not have worked.

Commercially available painkillers use chemicals to shut down your nerve system, or "block" pain signals. Some are electric devices which send electrical pulses into your body via electrodes on the skin. These pulses interrupt the body's pain signals that are sent to the brain.

However, the Pain Ease Neck Wrap is different. It doesn’t just ease pain, it helps your body heal pain at the source. Rather than simply block pain signals, the wrap provides electricity to damaged areas where the body’s natural current is too weak to penetrate the inflammation.

The wrap contains a technology called Micro Current Therapy (MCT).  At a flick of a switch, gentle electrical pulses start to mimic your body's natural electrical currents, stabilizing the electric balance of the injured cells. This lowers the electric resistance of the painful region and helps your body's begin the healing process.

Just imagine your daily routine with no drugs, no painful treatments, no side effects – and no pain! Try The Pain Ease Neck Wrap for a 30 day trial and you see the results for yourself.

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