Propargile Digestive Health

Propargile Digestive Health

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A Powerful, Fast-Acting Remedy for Flatulence, Constipation, Heartburn, Bloating and Colitis
Propargile is a unique natural supplement from France. It includes three powerful active ingredients to combat stomach irritation, regulate your digestion and reduce bloating.

  • Clay – this acts as a powerful magnet for the waste in your stomach, colon and liver, helping flush it from your system.
  • Propolis - produced by bees for disinfecting the hive before the queen lays her eggs, this is Mother Nature's own disinfectant and anaesthetic. It offers significant relief to heartburn and colitis sufferers.
  • Pollen - rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotics, this helps your intestines stay healthy.

Try Propargile today if you suffer from flatulence, heartburn, slow digestion, bloating, discomfort after eating, chronic intestinal infections or colitis/

64 vegetal capsules

Located in the beautiful hills of Provence, Hollistica Laboratories have combined Pollen, Clay (Argile) and Micronized Propolis to create a powerful remedy for many painful stomach problems including:

  • Flatulence
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Slow digestion
  • Bloating
  • Chronic intestinal infections
  • Colitis

By helping improve the way your gut flushes out waste, and reducing bloating. Propargile can also help give you a flatter stomach.

Studies measuring the effects of using Propargile showed 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reporting a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort.

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